Saturday, July 26, 2014

GON SELECTION v01 [+batch] + Keyman redrawn spreads + Itoshi c15

In other news, expect v4c12 of Jabberwocky soon. This needs a translator!


Three spreads were redrawn, and all archives have been updated (color cleans, redraws). You can find the individual pages in this folder. The filename should be the same as release (with "fixed" appended), so it should still sort properly.

Torrent (volume 3 v3'd batch)

Sorry for the constant revisions. We still need a dedicated redrawer for Keyman!

Itoshi no Karin c15:

Read online

GON (new chapter: "A Very, Very Lucky Birth"):

GON resumed serialization in 2012. I'm not sure how many other new chapters there are exactly (I have to check the scans of Afternoon), but so far I've found two new chapters. Here's one of them. Hopefully a tank comes out sometime soon, magazine raws aren't that great. I'm not sure if this will appear in a future tank as chapter 25, so for now I'm releasing it as chapter 5 of GON SELECTION, with the previous 4 chapters being posted to the original 7-volume page (since those are just reprints). The Sushi Bar scanlations are balls, so I'd like to redo those.

Spreads aren't redrawn, so if someone wants to take a crack at it, you're more than welcome to. I guess these could be considered v0 for now.

Got a CGI adaptation (50 episodes) where everyone talks. Only 17 episodes were subbed (Zorori Project), but you don't really need subs to follow it.

Read online (original chapters)
Read online (Very Lucky Birth)
Torrent (batch)

Is that all? I feel like I'm forgetting something.

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