Monday, January 5, 2015

Mononoke Soushi c018 (+v02 batch) + The Outer Zone v01

Halfway done with Mononoke Soushi.

For v3 & v4, we'll be using proper tank scans, courtesy of a certain generous anon.

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Torrent (batch)

The Outer Zone

Raws are meh. If you can provide physical copies for scanning, that'd be great. Might buy the volumes off of Suruga when I get a chance.

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Some updates:

Nekojiru Udon -- Translation and editing ongoing.

Nichijou -- A new volume still hasn't been released yet. We'll be working on Helvetica Standard, to tide you over.

Keyman -- New volume comes out next week, scanlations should roll out around late February. Author interview is being translated.

Houseki no Kuni -- Needs a translator.

Haruko Ichikawa anthology -- Needs a translator. One chapter is translated, so that might get released soon.

Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni -- Seems to have all the necessary staff, so scanlations should start soon.

Outlaw StarYKK HQ, Yu-Gi-Oh HQ -- Will resume soon, I had to replace my scanner

Hotel California -- Needs a translator and an editor. Chapters are around 30 pages.

Koalove special chapter -- Being worked on.

Soredemo Machi v13 -- Awaiting scans, translation ongoing

Shin Chimoguri Ringo -- New chapter comes out on the 19th.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  2. Means houseki no kuni is stalled?

    1. Unfortunately. The chapters don't have much text, though, maybe I can bum a translation off of someone.