Monthly Garo -- Picky (1982-07) by Morishita Hiromi / The Park at Night (1982-08) by Eguchi Mitsumasa

A couple of oneshots from Monthly Garo, which I'll be scanning as much of as I can. If you'd like to help with either translations or editing (or to donate money, if you're so inclined, because this will be expensive), please email me. 6 issues are scanned (many more in the mail), some of which are already translated/cleaned. They mostly consists of oneshots by both obscure and recognized authors alike, with some serializations. I might post the jpg scans once I organize them. Some Nishioka Bro-Sis chapters from Garo are probably up next.

You can read more about Garo on TSOJ's site (titles index, partial list of Garo artists), and also download some of his own Garo scans that he reviewed.

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The Park at Night:

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Credits: Laika, Tim


  1. Thanks a lot for the releases! :)

  2. Elemhunter, conquistadork, capsaicin, deadscanlations; none of these names do you justice...
    Henceforth you shall be King Anon, Procurer of Manga Gems, Commander-in-Chief of anonweabos, Lynchpin of Crowdsource Scanlation.

  3. Holy shit the one with the old man in the mountains and the wolves was intense, this really is a gold mine, thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Actually i have a question if i do a decent work cleaning that one could you find a translator for it? it appears on issue 33 1967 and it is the first "long" story it seems to be a oneshot and it doesn't has all that much text.

    2. Actually it appears on issue 34.

    3. I'm not going to use TSOJ's scans for cleaning, but I did order those 1967 issues to scan. I don't remember when they shipped, but they might be here soon. If you'd like to sign up as a cleaner, email me at

    4. Ok i will keep looking to see what else catches my eye, there's a lot of good stuff there, a lot, and out of those some are silent manga, do you have plans to release any of those?

    5. In due time.