Sunday, June 7, 2015

Even more things to scan

If you'd like to work on anything or want scans, you can email me.

  • Human Clock, contains an untranslated story.
  • Shounen Oh! anthology, contains some videogame 4koma, etc. One chapter from these books was translated (Metroid)
  • Dowman
  • Dowman (Sexual Instinct doujinshi)
  • A Touhou doujinshi, I don't remember
  • Shounen Oh
  • Dowman
  • More Garo


  1. The world could always do with more Dowman.

  2. Holy cats, you're scanning a mobile library's worth of manga. Did you have Mononoke Soushi V4, or is it still shipping?

  3. Mate, how do you have time to sleep?