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Yoshiaki Yoshinaga on Nekojiru translation part 1, part 2

The reprint left out some material from the original print for whatever reason, so those have been included (an essay by Kurosawa Sou, and an omake by Nemoto Takashi)

Nekojiru was a mangaka who committed suicide in 1998. Her work is disconcerting due to the juxtaposition of a very kawaii visual style (as would befit stories depicting two anthropomorphic kitten siblings) with extremely cruel moments (pig characters are consistently mocked, assaulted, abused and killed). Violence, when it comes to happen, is very graphic and unforgiving. The overall feel is of cuteness, zaniness and nonsensu, but there’s an unshakable undercurrent of dread throughout the stories. The series ねこぢるうどん (Nekojiru Udon), which is now considered to be her finest work, first debuted in 1990. The manga was made into a TV series, and then in 2001 “Cat Soup”, a 35 minutes movie, came along.

After her suicide, her husband Yamano Hajime took over her work, and started making manga under the pen-name Nekojiru-y. Incidentally, popularity of her work exploded after her publicized death. Nekojiru’s works were collected into two large tomes, and several other books about her and her work were published.

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