Monday, June 29, 2015

Nichijou + Helvetica Standard update 3

UPDATE: A certain generous anon just donated enough money to buy the back issues of Shonen Ace, so expect more Nichijou in the near future (hopefully). Thank you, anon!

Also, an anon scanned a Nichijou calendar that came with a Shonen Ace issue a while ago. I forgot all about it. Some of you might already have this. Needs to be cleaned, but the editor seems to be busy. If anyone wants to clean it, go for it.

I also went ahead and ripped the ebook for the Nichijou light novel. 1600px, epub/PDF (download). You can rename the extension to .zip if you want to easily extract the images. Maybe the PSP game will be translated someday, too.

Update: The announcement was just to say that volume 10 comes out in the far, far future of December 10th, with a limited-edition booklet. Hang in there, Nichijou fans. If I wasn't so poor, I'd start buying the back issues. I'll EMS v10 when it comes out. Hopefully the staff will still be around by then.

Helvetica Standard: 25 pages left for translation in v1, editing is about halfway through. Another volume came out, as well.

Nichijou: Volume 10 still hasn't come out, no idea on the ETA. Needless to say, I'll try to buy the magazines from now on to fill the long, cold void between volumes. I wasn't expecting it to take this long, so perhaps Arawi skipped a few months.

Volume 10 will be released December 10th with a limited edition featuring a sleeve that holds the book as well as a 120-page booklet featuring previously uncollected manga strips and highlights selected by the author.

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  1. Hey man i finally got your releases, but from madokami instead of the mediafire folder. I still have no freaking idea why i can't see the releases in that folder (all other folders seem fine).
    Thanks mate.