Thursday, June 4, 2015

Update on things that I have to scan.

Here are the books that I still have to scan, for ongoing/potential projects (and requests). These are the ones currently in my possession, as I have no idea how many more are in the mail. If anyone wants scans from a particular series to work on, email me.

 Left to right, starting from the top:


  1. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Oh man another incredible list, also Golgo 13 and Gon!? hell yeah! I would like to help edit Gon but i don't know how well i will fare with double pages...

    Also i was sure that v2 of Nekojiro Udon was being covered by some group in Tumblr, but is neat to see more of that series, i hate those cats, but the manga is so weird that i can't stop reading it.

    1. Gon
      Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga
      Black Jack
      Donki Kourin
      Hade Hendricks Monogatari
      AX volume 2
      Nekojiru Udon
      Golgo 13

      Of course Garo would be my main interest, plus those series still would need a translator but if they ever need a cleaner i am up to it.

    2. Oh and "Afternoon's Four Seasons" i am also interested on that one, i guess this is what my vacations will be now...

  3. Gotta donate for that dorohedoro sexiness.