Sunday, July 5, 2015

[Raws] Arikai Annu - Fuduki Takahiro (oneshot)

Going through any raws that I have sitting around that aren't being worked on.

"Fuduki Takahiro’s Arikai Annu is about a girl and her grandfather who take care of a nest of giant ants. When a huge velvet worm shows up uninvited, they have to rally the ants in order to defend their home. Fuduki won a 4 Seasons Award from Afternoon in 2013 and it seems like this is his first comic in the magazine since then. The attention paid to the details in the art and the world creation allows for a really cool story that appeals equally to kaijuu and nature fans with a lot of room to grow and develop further. I won’t be surprised if he takes off with a strong series in 2016 and I think it’d definitely be good to keep an eye out for him."

Ebook rip, 1600px, from Afternoon 2015-06.

文月タカヒロ / 蟻飼いアンヌ



  1. I have to say, thanks for posting one-shots =D Some of the other series that look right up my alley that you post (new serializations) like Designs and Canaria-tachi -- I'm sure other groups will pick them up. But for someone slower like me, stockpiling one-shots to maybe scanlate one day (if no one else does first!) is golden. And finding weird/atypical stuff is wonderful :) Anyway, just noticed you've got a lot of stuff I really like lately, so wanted to post and say thanks~

    I need to keep a closer eye on your blog~

    1. Let me know if you work on anything.