Monday, August 31, 2015

[Raws] Hyaku Monogatari - SUGIURA Hinako

I saw a post about this, thought it looked interesting, and then scanned it. 99 ghost stories, by the late Garo artist and Edo expert, Sugiura Hinako.
Uploading scans for anyone to use. Someone volunteered to translate, but they haven’t replied since. So, this needs a translator. Probably has an editor. Chapters are short, around 5-8 pages or less.


  1. Whatever happened to that anon who was working on this a couple years back? He claimed to have a couple chapters translated from Chinese...

    1. Didn't even know about that. Guess it fell through for whatever reason. Maybe his Chinese translator wasn't available. Hopefully this one doesn't meet the same fate. I'll post it, maybe he'll see it. Not many Sugiura Hinako fans around, I imagine.