Thursday, August 13, 2015

[Raws] Kodansha Four Seasons Award Oneshot Anthology

In the early 00's, Kodansha published an anthology consisting of their 90's-00's Four Seasons Award winners. I scanned most of it, skipping over the ones that were already published elsewhere. The ones that were serialized may be different from the actual serialization, so I'll have to check on that at some point. Paper quality of the source manuscripts varies, though.

I don't feel like making a list of them, so you can find them all here (or the Mediafire folder). Hayashida Q's debut oneshot was included, so hopefully we can release that soon. There was also a booklet that has interviews (?) and such, which I also scanned.

If anyone is interested in working on any of the oneshots, let me know.


  1. Hi. I have trouble finding Hayashida's oneshot. Haven't you scanned it yet?

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