Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhinshuu c002

The author of Houseki no Kuni published a couple of anthologies, of which I've scanned/will scan/need to rescan. One chapter was randomly translated, so here it is.

We don't have a translator for this. So, if you're interested in working on this, let me know. Otherwise, here are the scans for reading/browsing/picking it up yourself (note: I need to rescan the 600dpi files, as they were with my previous, inferior Epson scanner).

TL: Anon (I can't remember, same TL that used to work on Houseki no Kuni) / laika
Editing: Iru

Read online

Apparently, this is further reading for this chapter. So, read this after you read it once yourself.

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