Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scary Manju of the Dead [Dowman Sayman]

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TL: Seiai Scans
Editing: Water

Note: This story is a Dowman take on a famous rakugo story. You can watch it here.

Dowman's most recent oneshot, from a Comic Birz magazine issue that printed a couple months ago. A couple more are translated, so those will be released whenever the editing's complete.

Seiai Scans worked on a few Dowman things as well, including the Hana & Alice manga adaptation (of the animated movie that came out not too long ago, which is subbed -- 1080, 720). It looks like the original Hana & Alice movie will also be subbed, so you should wait on that before watching the animated movie.


  1. You can watch animated Hana & Alice before too, it is a prequel and standalone story. Also it is a lovely movie.