Thursday, September 8, 2016

Urasawa Naoki no Manben - Asano Inio English Subs [alternate link]

September 8th: looks like the Dailymotion video got taken down? I haven't gotten any emails or notifications about it.

Oh well, we need to v3 it anyway, so it'll be reuploaded later. In the meantime, find the video on one of the numerous mirrors on Dailymotion. Reuploaded.

Edit 2: [v2]'s the subs, cropped the commercials.

720p hardsub
Sub file

Edit: Now on Youtube. 720, hardsubs, because .ass isn't accepted and .srt formatting might get broken.

Download 720 hardsubs (archiving/mirroring)

Re-encodes, corrected back to 16:9 so that the subs won't stretch out on VLC, etc. 480, 720.!E0xxEa6b!V78QHFNGPsiDxZDsaAZ3Pw

Here you go. DDLs are in the raw torrents.

.ass subs

1080i TS
.ass subs

Tested on MPC-HC, so proper sub formatting isn't guaranteed on VLC, etc. The aspect ratio might be weird on anything other than MPC-HC. The 480p was a beginner Handbrake encode that I got from a PtP tutorial, so if anyone puts out a better encode from the 1080i TS, let me know and I'll post it here.

Apparently, satellite.ts are anamorphic, and this can be corrected while encoding. I'll leave that to more competent people.

TL/timing: laika
QC: water

Youtube doesn't support .ass subs, and converting to .srt breaks the signs, etc.So, if someone feels like fixing that on their own accord, please upload it to Youtube and I'll add the link here.


  1. Woot! Thanks laika, water, & Habanero Scans! X3b

    /deletes the episode at the long list of backburners haha (Well, plan to do the whole series whenever I find time LOL)

  2. Thanks a lot! Will you be subbing the interview with Fujita Kazuhiro as well?

  3. Can someone link to the spread featured for most of the episode?


    2. Thank you very much.