Wednesday, November 18, 2015


No idea what it’s about. Looks like a series of stories about the young man who looks particularly tormented on the cover for some reason. Looks pretty normal, actually, no going off the surreal deep end a la Human Clock. Some spreads have him holding a pistol, so presumably he gets mixed up with the local crime syndicate.
c01 synopsis:
“MC is a model worker at the factory so he can save money for his sister’s high school tuition, though the sister is willing to enter work after graduating junior high. Their father vanished after blowing the family’s every last penny on horses while the mother passed away due to an illness. MC is injured in an accident and gets hooked on crosswords while recovering in bed. He goes on a winning streak and earns prize money for solving the puzzles, but becomes obsessed over this and his personality changes. He also has two friends, one of whom feels guilty for causing the accident that injured MC and another who has a crush on MC’s sister. “ 

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  1. I'd love it if you would scanlate this at some point.