Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[raws] Iblard Monogatari - Inoue Naohisa

“A manga written by Inoue Naohisa featuring all the main characters of Iblard. The book consists of multiple short stories such as “The Legend of Megezo”,“How to get home from the Market”,“The awakening of a Laputa,” which introduce us to these main characters and their powers. This book is also the key to learning the unique words, expressions and objects of Iblard. Much like looking through a window, Iblard Monogatari explores the fantastic and beautiful world of Iblard by panning through art created by Naohisa Inoue. Iblard shows itself to be nothing short of amazing and will wash serenity over your mind.”
Naohisa Inoue a fantasy artist influenced by both the Surrealism and Impressionism movements. Most of his paintings are set in the fantastical land of Iblard (イバラード). He created reference and background art for the Studio Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart and also provided a cameo appearance as the voice of Minami. More recently, his works were given a more direct adaptation in the short film The Day I Harvested a Star (星をかった日 Hoshi o Katta Hi?) which will be shown exclusively at the Ghibli Museum. He directed the 2007 OVA Iblard Jikan, produced by Studio Ghibli.
Inoue is currently a professor at Seian University of Art and Design.

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