Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Urasawa Naoki no Manben S1E2 - Fujita Kazuhiro


The episode has big spoilers for Ushio & Tora at 5:04-5:-09, & some mild spoilers for Karakuri Circus at 5:16-5:2717:11-17:1818:07-18:13

Also, we need someone to help time/sub episodes.

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Download 720 hardsub (for mirroring/reuploading/archiving)
Download 1080 .ts (not sure if the subs are synced to this file, might have to adjust it)
Download .ass sub file

Download 480 torrent
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Download 1080 .ts torrent

Can't upload to Youtube because the video is longer than 15 minutes, and I have those pesky NHK copyright strikes. Future videos will be on Dailymotion, and wherever else people are mirroring it.


  1. I have watched every Ushio to Tora anime episode until now. Is it enough to watch this episode without spoilers or should I wait until they finish the next and last 13 episodes?

    Thank you.

    1. They just show a few pages that occur near the ending, which haven't been animated yet. If you don't pay attention to them (or just cover the screen or something), you can get by without any problem. The narrator just talks about how Fujita likes to draw action manga, and it's only for a few seconds.