Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BLAME! c001 [Shinsoban retranslation], Sidonia S2 LE BD 1 Omake, Sidonia v15 Omake

BLAME (shinsoban + retranslation):

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We used the ebook raw rather than our scans, because it seems that after Nihei edited the scans, the black color wasn't properly tuned for the print. Thus certain dark areas, such as the darkest parts of gradient screentone, got huge detail loss. On the scan, that is. Maybe only in the first chapter, since it was done from manuscript. I'll have to see is the problem persists after I scan the second shinsoban chapter. There are also a few discrepancies between the original and the shinsoban print, so we've included the original pages along with a changelog (NFO).


The bonus BLAME chapter that came with S2's Limited Edition BD, and the illustration that came with v15. The last author comment page just talks about his books and merchandise, amounting to "buy my stuff."

Torrent (BD Omake)
Torrent (v15 Extra)


  1. Any chance we can get the raw scans anyway? I would like them for research.

  2. Respond to me, or I'll kill myself.

  3. Hello!

    Is there only a trial chapter on torrent tracker and the others are posted anywhere else? Or there are no more translated chapters at all?

  4. Thank you for translating this, is there any plan for more chapters?

  5. thanks for the chapter, hoping you continue