Monday, May 29, 2017

Mikako-san v04

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LSD recently completed another short KM work, so go read that if you're interested.

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eBookJapan (varies, you can rip the samples and see the quality)
eBookJapan (Mikako-san, 1600px)

Amazon JP (looks like they've revamped their shipping so that it's not ridiculously expensive. If you buy it new from Amazon itself, you'll get AmazonGlobal shipping, which is 3-4 day shipping for $10)

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  1. Thanks!
    As an aside, I've always had good experiences buying from Kinokuniya online ( in the US. Thought finding things can be awkward. I usually copy the actual kanji of a name from someplace like mangaupdates and paste it in to the search.