Vanilla Spider c012

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This was recently released via ebook, so you can buy them here or here if you want to support the author. He's also a pleasant person to talk to.

Note that the color page in this was greyscaled in the tank. Fortunately, the public magazine raws include the color page. I managed to secure one of the magazines with the color page, but the other two are out of print and not for sale anywhere. If I see them, I'll nab them.

nacuN c039

In the near future: A world renowned mathematician/physicist Francis Dullam loses his left brain hemisphere and retires from hard science to study dolphins. Several years later he comes up with the new thesis which is essentially a collection of dolphin footage. As the "thesis" is being severely criticized by the media, Ishii Mitsunari (a student living in America) discovers the idea hidden there, that will help to create the true Artificial Intelligence.
Motivated to create the AI first Mitsunari leaves for Okinawa to follow the footsteps of Dullam.

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Kyuusai no Hi - Nishioka Kyoudai

Title: The Day of Salvation
Original Title: 救済の日 (Kyuusai no Hi)
Author: Nishioka Kyodai
Publisher: AX
Category: Seinen
Genre: Philosophical, Psychological
Status in Japan: Complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Habanero Scans
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex
Summary: Nishioka Kyoudai's anti-war epic, told in their signature surrealist style.

A man wakes up one morning to find the world outside of his house a wasteland. As he searches for signs of life, he finds a fetus in a ditch, which promptly latches onto his thumb and won't let go, and things only get stranger from there…

Manben S3E3 - Takahashi Tsutomu

Another episode. Better late than never ever. The debut oneshot mentioned in this episode can be found here.

Translation: SevenfacedBird
Rest: laika

- 720 hardsub
- 480 hardsub
- 720 no sub
- 480 no sub
- .ass subs
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