Ozanari Dungeon ch085



I'm surprised that OD even has fanart.

Volume 1, now with less Duwang. I have to scan the other volumes, ebooks are 1200 for some dumb reason.

Good ol' RPG shenanigans. Got an OVA. It was okay. LD's on Baka. You can download the soundtrack here.

As always, courtesy of POF Scanlations.

List of name changes (from previous translation)

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Vanilla Spider c009

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This was recently released via ebook, so you can buy them here or here if you want to support the author. He's also a pleasant person to talk to.

Note that the color page in this was greyscaled in the tank. Fortunately, the public magazine raws include the color page. I managed to secure one of the magazines with the color page, but the other two are out of print and not for sale anywhere. If I see them, I'll nab them.

Kafka - Classics in Comics [Nishioka Kyoudai]

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Joint with Megchan's Scanlations.

Adaptation of Franz Kafka's stories. It seems they still sell new copies, so you can buy that here and elsewhere if you want to support this series.

1. The Cares of a Family Man
2. The Metamorphosis
3. The Bucket Rider
4. Jackals and Arabs
5. A Fratricide
6. The Vulture
7. Country Doctor
8. A Hunger Artist
9. In the Penal Colony


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