Saturday, November 28, 2015

[Raws] Afternoon 2016-01 + 2014-01 - 2014-07 backlog oneshots

Previews (queued)

Afternoon's ebooks were on sale some time ago, so I bought all of them. I also missed a few oneshots from earlier issues, so I dug those up as well. The earlier issues are 1200px, unfortunately. Around 44 oneshots in total.

I might buy a few Afternoon issues here and there for some oneshots to scan.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

[Raws] Kiri Keisuke to Johnny Yonhyaku - Tsukumo Hitokiri

The current scanlation used magazine raws, so I decided to scan the book. It also has an author's commentary page. Let me know if something needs to be rescanned.

Two ronin answer a village's plea to rescue a girl. Violence ensues.

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[Raws] Shuukan Shounen Girl v02 (Translator needed)

Forgot that I had this for a moment there.

Collection of romantic-comedies, each centered around a girl with a bizarre quirk. One can change their body features to reflect patterns based on their mood, one can multiply, and one has an issue of a shounen manga appear on her stomach every week, and more.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


No idea what it’s about. Looks like a series of stories about the young man who looks particularly tormented on the cover for some reason. Looks pretty normal, actually, no going off the surreal deep end a la Human Clock. Some spreads have him holding a pistol, so presumably he gets mixed up with the local crime syndicate.
c01 synopsis:
“MC is a model worker at the factory so he can save money for his sister’s high school tuition, though the sister is willing to enter work after graduating junior high. Their father vanished after blowing the family’s every last penny on horses while the mother passed away due to an illness. MC is injured in an accident and gets hooked on crosswords while recovering in bed. He goes on a winning streak and earns prize money for solving the puzzles, but becomes obsessed over this and his personality changes. He also has two friends, one of whom feels guilty for causing the accident that injured MC and another who has a crush on MC’s sister. “ 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hyaku Monogatari 4-6

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[Franco-Belgian scanlation] Le Monde de Milo T01

And now for something different.

I had a French script sitting around, and someone mentioned that they wanted to read this. Apparently, scanlations of any language are allowed on Batoto, so there you go.

It'll probably just be this one volume, unless a French translator is interested in continuing the series.

I know virtually nothing about the Euro scanlation scene, so I leave it up to you readers to upload this to whatever relevant DCC/torrent sites.

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Publisher's page
This series also has some Kindle ebooks.

TL: Lyendith
TS: Bash

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Project Status page updated

The months fly by, staff come and go, projects live and die, and I always forget to update this page.

Should be up-to-date now, maybe.

Garo 1967-11-07 -- A Dream in Heaven [Sasaki Maki]

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A surreal journey.

For you buyfags, Breakdown Press is publishing a Sasaki Maki anthology in December. You can read an article by Ryan Holmberg on Sasaki here.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Nejishiki c006 - The Dog of the Mountain Pass [Tsuge Yoshiharu]

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Just this spontaneous chapter, unless a TL/editor wants to help out with the rest.

TL: Anon/laika
Editing: Anon/laika

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

(Garo 1982-07-01) Exquisite Corpse (oneshot) [Part 1] [Ebisu Yoshikazu]

The beginning of the first Garo issue that I bought. The copy that arrived was beat to hell, and the color pages were pretty aged. The cover may or may not be cleaned up and v2'd. If someone wants to try their hand at restoring it, here's the scan.

Here are Ebisu Yoshikazu's anthologies (ebook rips).

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Waratte Goran (Man Gatarou) [End]

An odd collection of his Monthly Jump illustrations.

Gatarou also published some sort of Jimi Hendrix manga (or about a musician who likes Hendrix, haven't look at it in months). I'm supposed to scan it, so I'll do that whenever I get to it in my vast scanning backlog.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Monthly Garo 1982-07 -- Puppeteer [Murata Eeji]

Edit: Found a reading of the name, so it's been corrected.

Another pseudonym.

Might have a Sasaki Maki chapter for you tomorrow, complete with an unofficial ad to buy the English anthology print that you didn't know was coming out in December.

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TL: Good ol' laika
Editing: laika/carks

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monthly Garo 1967-11 - Never-Ending Afternoon [Watari 24]

Short sci-fi story. Since Watari 24's a pen name, we can't find any information on the author. A story of his got reprinted in an anthology recently, though.

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TL: MartinG/laika
Editing: carks/laika

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Keyman v10 cover + release date

Keyman volume 10 comes out in a couple weeks. If you'd like to buy it yourself, you can do so here (or your store of choice).