I Am A Wolf, After All [Sasaki Maki]

After his brief stint as an artist under Garo, Sasaki Maki then went on to publish children's books. Here's one of them, about a wolf's journey to find companions.

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The book is pretty nice, so I’m going to shill for it.
32 pages, full-color, 10.3 x 7.7 x 0.3 inches. Hardcover, thick glossy paper. If you have $15, you can pick it up on Amazon or wherever else. Fun little addition to your shelf.
Part of Fukuinkan’s Children’s Masterpiece Collection.
Breakdown Press published Ding Dong Circus last year, which is a partial collection of Sasaki’s Umibe no Machi Garo anthology.

Hayami Rasenjin - Kutsuzure Sensen c014 [teaser]

Just a chapter that I bummed off a kind certain someone, to remind people that this exists.

Needs a translator.

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Super Mario Sunshine 4-Koma Manga Kingdom c001-003 [partial]

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An old scanlation. I had a partial chapter sitting around that I forgot about, so here's a necro post. The raws are in the folder if anyone wants to continue it.

[Teaser] Takahashi Yousuke - Hebi Onna Hajimemashita

A few chapters to make you aware that this exists.

If you'd like to work on anything that Takahashi has touched, let me know and I'll scan it.

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[Dowman Sayman] Primo Piatto (oneshot)

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When Dowman isn't recovering from pneumonia or wrist injuries, he publishes oneshots in Comic Birz every so often.

I have a box of Dowman to scan, if anyone wants to translate or edit.

Kuso Manga 31 +33

The chapters that were previously done by other assorted anons seem to have the wrong chapter numbers, so I uploaded what I think are the correct assorted chapters (haven't checked in like a year). If something's wrong, let me know.

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Jaria - Masumura Hiroshi c002

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Another surreal fantasy story by Masumura, about a boy who discovers a legendary crystal city, and the strange cat who helped bring it forth.

If you'd like to work on any of Masumura's works, let me know. The pub raws kinda suck, so I wouldn't mind scanning whatever. Atagoul may or may not be worked on, depending on how things go, so I can scan that next if need be.

Yoruhime-sama c001 [v2]

1-volume anthology revolving around various princesses, also by Takahashi Yousuke.

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Nekojiru Udon needs an editor to assist with releases.

Volume 2 is completely translated. We need an editor to help out. Email me if you'd like to help. 600dpi scans.

Filament v3'd + Bioluminescence

Some more QC on Filament + redrawn spreads.

Bioluminescence is just Filament + an extra chapter + illustrations and author comments.

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TL: SevenFacedBird
Editing: Laika
TS: Tim

I've merged Filament + Bioluminescence for those that want it, rather than having to download the same chapters twice:

Filament cover
[Bio-Lum cover]
[Bio-Lum insert illustration]
Filament ToC
[Bio-Lum ToC]
She got off the bus at the peninsula
Labyrinth cat
Short vignettes
[--Short Vignettes intro illustration]
[--Children Intro Illustration]
[--Children Outro Illustration]
[--Night Intro Illustration]
[--Night Outro Illustration]
[--Summer Intro illustration]
[--Summer Outro Illustration]
[--Fairy Tales Intro Illustration]
-Fairy Tales
[--Fairy Tales Outro Illustration]
[grass cricket]
House of fossils
Crown of snow
[BioLum Fossil comment page]
[Mar-man comment page]
Mushishi Azure
Mushishi Banquet
[Mushishi comment page]
[BioLum Vignettes comments]
[Filament Vignette comments]
[Bio-Lum volume comments]
[Bio-Lum afterword]

Mononoke Soushi c031 [end] (+batches) (minor v2)

Until next time.

Courtesy of Royal, laika (editing), and tim (TS).

Desk War - Dowman Sayman (oneshot)

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TL: Seiai
Editing: water

Edit: Oops. v2'd.

I also have a JoJo Part 5 doujinshi. I should probably make a list of everything else.

Deathco c01-04 - Kaneko Atsushi [teaser]

Edit: This got picked up by M3OW.

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Teaser release, first arc (1600px ebook rip).

Courtesy of laika, moy-moe

Comic S Anthology c007 - Azuma Hideo

Publisher Hayakawa is celebrating its 70th anniversary with two manga anthology reprints. One collection is dedicated to mystery works while the other compiles sci-fi stories printed over the publisher’s long career.

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TL: MartinG
Editing: water

Raws if anyone wants them.

TEZUKA Osamu, Matsumoto Leiji, Ishinomori Shotaro, Nagai Go, Hagio Moto, Fukuyama Keiko, Azuma Hideo, Tori Miki, Yokoyama Eiji, Imai Tetsuya, Tsunamino Yuu, Tsubana, Nishijima Daisuke, Yoshitomi Akihito, Miyazaki Natsujikei, Coco,

Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi c001

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TL: ckrit
Editing: water

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou c000

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Bumpy road.

Fun fact, someone's translating YKK into Esperanto. I wonder if that's still going on.

Oneshot - How To Treat a Childish Master [Harta 2015-05] - Wakatsuki Kumiko

posted a Garo oneshot that I scanned some time ago. That actually has a second chapter, so I'll buy that. GoldenRoze also worked on a few other Harta oneshots by a particular author, Wada Takashi, and various other oneshots that you might like.

Nightmare Negotiator c011 [END] (+v01 batch)

More Takahashi Yousuke for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of a couple of hard-working individuals.

The cover for chapter 1 was also v2'd.
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TL: Royal Translations
Editing: Waterbasedlenses