Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sumire 17, Dowman Sayman, Crime and Punishment, Ika Musume, Zipang

Been busy and away from a computer, but here's an update.

Sumire 17

Sumire 17 chapters are up. It doesn't matter what site you get them from, since they serve one and the same purpose (anon scanlations). It looks like the rest will get done without any problems, so look forward to more chapters and rejoice. Just keep an eye on the Batoto page.

Beloved Jennifer (Splatterhouse) - Dowman Sayman

Commissioned an old doujinshi by Dowman Sayman. These need a translator, so until then, they'll be done via commission. The chapters are usually around 8 pages each. I have a Mediafire folder with raws (and the translations), if anyone's interested. I'll try to keep it updated for whenever I scan something. You can use JDownloader, Mediafire Desktop, etc. to download everything.

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment 47-50 are up, download here.

Ika Musume 

This is in need of translators and typesetters. The chapters are 8 pages long, with furigana. We're about 70 chapters behind, so we'd like some help on that. Visit #LoveLab on Rizon if you can contribute.


Zipang is in need of everything but cleaners.