CITY c006-007

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Man, that took forever. Hopefully the TL is less busy from now on.

Joshi Kouhei v03 [Matsumoto Jiro]

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TL: water/laika
editing: water
QC: water/laika

Some Matsumoto Jiro.

Alice in Hell was also released recently by Illuminati Manga, which is being worked on by ckrit. Go pay them a visit and maybe offer help if they need it.

Nichijou c185-186

We might actually finish it somehow, since we seem to have a TL.

If anyone would like to assist with releasing Nichijou, let me know.

Neko Musume c050


Joint with YG Scans. Could use an [extra] cleaner, not sure if we have one at the moment.

Jigoku [Nishioka Kyoudai]

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Some more Nishioka, with more soon to follow (hopefully).

TL: Megchan
TS: Migeru
Editing: laika

If you're so inclined, you can support the author by buying the reprint of this volume.

Monthly Garo 1995-10 - School [Hanakuma Yusaku]

Surprise, a random Garo chapter. You might know the author for Tokyo Zombie.

Suiton Kikou c001

A collection of stories.

TL: FehYesVintageManga
TS: Tim
:Editing: laika

Kokkoku c012

Needs a typesetter/redrawer! PM either on Batoto.

Juri Yukawa lives with her NEET father and brother, her retired grandfather, her sister (a single mother) and her young nephew. One day, her nephew and brother are kidnapped for ransom. Having only 30 minutes to meet the demands of the kidnappers, Juri, who realizes there is not enough time to prepare the money, decides to head for their rescue by herself with knife in hand when her grandfather uses a mysterious stone passed on in the Yukawa family to stop time. In a world where everyone and everything are inert, Juri and her father and grandfather run to rescue the two. But at the kidnappers' hideout, they soon realize they are not the only ones who can move about in this still world...

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With GWR.

Shin Chimoguri c010 [END] (+afterwords and batches)

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And it's finally done. Buy it if you like it, etc. Abe said he's working on his next work on Twitter, so hopefully that'll pop up soon.

Kuuden Noise no Himegimi c002 - Toume Kei

The only guy working on this series is too busy to continue, so this either needs more staff or someone else can pick it up.

Toume Kei has a new serialization. The first volume's also out, for those that want to buy it.

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Raws -- Monthly Garo & Monthly AX scans

Update: Scanned 1998-08, 1993-05, 1981-07, 1981-04, 1979-10, 1979-06, 1979-04, 1970-01, 1969-10, 1969-07, 1969-05, 1969-04, 1969-03, 1968-05, 1967-02, 1966-04.

Yeah, I'm still scanning Garo. 

There are a few scripts sitting around that could use an editor.

I kept forgetting about this, but here it is. You can't ask for staff if they don't know what they'd be working on, right?

Here are the downscaled JPG folders for the magazines I've scanned thus far. I will update this post as I scan more. The scans might not be cropped, but they should be clear enough to give an idea of the translation/editing effort needed. Refer to the spreadsheet to see what's in each issue (if I updated it).

If you'd like to help with a story or two, then please email me. Some chapters require minimal editing, but the lines may be faded, depending on the age of the issue. The JPG scans are around quality 4 (don't remember), so I have the .tif files for anyone that wants them for editing.

You can preview the chapters here, whenever I get around to making posts. You can read TSOJ's reviews for a few of the issues here.

Note that I'm skipping Kamui Den and Kitaro. Both either have readily available raws, scanlations, or volumes that can be scanned.

Garo 1992-01

Garo 1992-04 (Hisauchi Michio issue)

Garo 1992-06 (Nekojiru special issue)

Garo 1992-07

Garo 1992-08 (Yamada Hanako memorial issue)

Garo 1993-05 (Maruo Suehiro special issue)

Jabberwocky v4 c015 (+v4 batch)

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Dead in the water (no staff). This is just an old script that was sitting around. The reason that part of the glossary is untranslated is because the original TL used a different print.

If you want to help or otherwise work on it, let me know (I can scan the tanks).

Takeo-chan c035 (end)

That's a wrap. I came across the color pages, so we'll probably go back and v2 the pages that were greyscaled in the tank.

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A Dog's Life / Fight Bell - Matusmoto Jiro [Oneshots]

A couple Matsumoto oneshots.

Inu no Seikatsu/A Dog's Life/狗の生活, Comic Ran, 2015
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