Monthly Garo 1995-10 - School [Hanakuma Yusaku]

Surprise, a random Garo chapter. You might know the author for Tokyo Zombie.

Suiton Kikou c001

A collection of stories.

TL: FehYesVintageManga
TS: Tim
:Editing: laika

Kokkoku c012

Needs a typesetter/redrawer! PM either on Batoto.

Juri Yukawa lives with her NEET father and brother, her retired grandfather, her sister (a single mother) and her young nephew. One day, her nephew and brother are kidnapped for ransom. Having only 30 minutes to meet the demands of the kidnappers, Juri, who realizes there is not enough time to prepare the money, decides to head for their rescue by herself with knife in hand when her grandfather uses a mysterious stone passed on in the Yukawa family to stop time. In a world where everyone and everything are inert, Juri and her father and grandfather run to rescue the two. But at the kidnappers' hideout, they soon realize they are not the only ones who can move about in this still world...

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With GWR.

Shin Chimoguri c010 [END] (+afterwords and batches)

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And it's finally done. Buy it if you like it, etc. Abe said he's working on his next work on Twitter, so hopefully that'll pop up soon.