Nichibros Anthology, Ch. 1

You can consider this another speed scanlation. If anyone wants to pick it up, go for it.

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Otome Sensou Ch. 1 [teaser]

Not picking this up, just getting a chapter out there.

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The story begins in 1420, right as what would be known as the Bohemian War began. A young girl named Sharka is raped and left for dead among the corpses of her whole town, but she manages to survive. She is picked up by the Bohemian forces, who put a gun in her hands and take her on board as a soldier. Will Sharka be able to fight and take her vengeance?

Sumire 17 ch.18 [end]

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It's finally over. Sorry that last chapter took so long.

If you have Twitter, you can send the author a nice message here.

Dowman Sayman - [Champion Red Ichigo] Hotspring Secret Illustration

Dowman Sayman did an illustration for their recent booklet, "Secret Illustrations." The theme was "hotspring," and Dowman was the only work-safe illustration in the entire booklet. Go figure.

Download. Convert to whatever format and resolution that you want, and enjoy. 600 DPI, no filters or editing (there will be a moire pattern, probably, until you downscale it).

Browse his other art (and more) here!

I'll probably scan the rest of the booklet, since there are some nice illustrations in there.

Gura Zeni ch. 1, Shimoneta ch. 1

Note: these are just speed-scanlations, made for the purposes of generating interest. We haven't picked these up, and encourage any scanlation group that's interested to pick them up. If you like these, go bug your favorite scanlator groups.

Shimoneta toiu Gainen ga Sonzaishinai Taikutsu na Sekai