GON c01

Needs an editor.

Here's a chapter of that lovable dinosaur bully. The current scans are watermarked, flipped garbage, so an editor and I decided to work on replacing those scans. Additional editing by laika.

A few pages of the first chapter were watercolored for the tank print. My favorite chapters are later in the series, so I look forward to seeing those in higher quality.

resumed serialization. However, that announcement was years ago, and I haven't seen any information on a new volume. There's a low-quality scan of one of the more recent chapters (2013-11) floating around, but that might've just been a promotional chapter for the show (logo is the same as the show). Maybe the news mistook this chapter and the GON Selection volume as a new serialization. In 2006-2007, a spin-off was serialized in Comic BonBon called "Gon-chan", so I might buy those issues someday and scan them (along with Afternoon 2013-11). I have no idea what Tanaka Masashi is up to these days.

This series was also licensed in English twice.

Garo 1982-07 -- Kappa Love Story [Momotarou Kotarou]

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Cleans: laika
TL: laika
TS: Tim / Lan-Anh Dang

河童の恋 / 桃太郎 滸太郎

Nishioka Kyoudai -- Me-Bug (Garo 1991-11; c2 of anthology) & Wolf Girl Laura (Garo 1992-01; never republished (?))

It looks like we'll be working on Nishioka's stuff on a regular basis, courtesy of HotCakes, MegChan, & etc.

Wolf Girl Laura:
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This is part of an anthology, so I'm putting it in its own folder (we'll probably work on the anthology in the near future, anyway).

Jacaranda [complete]


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A while ago, the TL for this asked me to scan this volume, since the Spanish scans weren't that great. And now, with the help of all those conveniently listed on the credit page, you can read it (1 volume). This is a joint with HotCakes Scanlations.

The shoot of an exotic tree appears in a Tokyo street. The popular affection turns into astonishment, then horror as the Jacaranda grows to colossal proportions, burning the capital to ashes in the course of a dantean night. Though, as the sun rises survivors discover that it hasn't been a night of annihilation, but of rebirth.

By Shiriagari Kotobuki, award-nominated, whose work has grown on me. I'll be scanning Don Quixote for Hox. His other well-known work, Yajikita in Deep, may hopefully be worked on someday. I ripped the ebook for v1, so you can download that here. It was adapted into a film (which included a cameo by Umezu Kazuo).

SOIL (2010)

In unrelated news, here is the 2010 adaptation of SOIL. I found the VIDEO_TS files on another private tracker, and I didn't see any downloads for the episodes, so I ran it through a simple Handbrake setup.

8 episodes, 480p.

Garo 1982-07 - Lighter (Ozawa Toshiaki)

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Some more Garo. A couple Nishioka Kyoudai stories should be released soon.

TL: SevenFacedBird
Editing: Laika/Water

ライター / 尾沢敏明


Recruiting editors and translators. At least some experience is preferred. I'll organize the downscaled JPEG Garo scans and post them, so that any prospective help can see if they'd like to work on anything.

Nekojiru Udon v01

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Nekojiru Diary translations

Nekojiru Udon OVA  (Youtube link for OVA)
(director commentary)
(director interview with Satou Tatsuo)

Nekojiru Gekijou Jirujiru (Youtube link)

Yoshiaki Yoshinaga on Nekojiru translation part 1, part 2

The reprint left out some material from the original print for whatever reason, so those have been included (an essay by Kurosawa Sou, and an omake by Nemoto Takashi)

Nekojiru was a mangaka who committed suicide in 1998. Her work is disconcerting due to the juxtaposition of a very kawaii visual style (as would befit stories depicting two anthropomorphic kitten siblings) with extremely cruel moments (pig characters are consistently mocked, assaulted, abused and killed). Violence, when it comes to happen, is very graphic and unforgiving. The overall feel is of cuteness, zaniness and nonsensu, but there’s an unshakable undercurrent of dread throughout the stories. The series ねこぢるうどん (Nekojiru Udon), which is now considered to be her finest work, first debuted in 1990. The manga was made into a TV series, and then in 2001 “Cat Soup”, a 35 minutes movie, came along.

After her suicide, her husband Yamano Hajime took over her work, and started making manga under the pen-name Nekojiru-y. Incidentally, popularity of her work exploded after her publicized death. Nekojiru’s works were collected into two large tomes, and several other books about her and her work were published.

TL: tetsu
Editing/QC: laika/waterbased