Jacaranda [complete]


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A while ago, the TL for this asked me to scan this volume, since the Spanish scans weren't that great. And now, with the help of all those conveniently listed on the credit page, you can read it (1 volume). This is a joint with HotCakes Scanlations.

The shoot of an exotic tree appears in a Tokyo street. The popular affection turns into astonishment, then horror as the Jacaranda grows to colossal proportions, burning the capital to ashes in the course of a dantean night. Though, as the sun rises survivors discover that it hasn't been a night of annihilation, but of rebirth.

By Shiriagari Kotobuki, award-nominated, whose work has grown on me. I'll be scanning Don Quixote for Hox. His other well-known work, Yajikita in Deep, may hopefully be worked on someday. I ripped the ebook for v1, so you can download that here. It was adapted into a film (which included a cameo by Umezu Kazuo).


  1. Thanks a lot for the release!! :)

  2. Aaaaaaaaaarrgh! You truly are king

  3. Just finished here, it wae awesome.

    My house even have the fucking Jacarand√°.

  4. Looks excellent. Fucking awesome.