Filament v3'd + Bioluminescence

Some more QC on Filament + redrawn spreads.

Bioluminescence is just Filament + an extra chapter + illustrations and author comments.

Read online (Bioluminescence)

TL: SevenFacedBird
Editing: Laika
TS: Tim

I've merged Filament + Bioluminescence for those that want it, rather than having to download the same chapters twice:

Filament cover
[Bio-Lum cover]
[Bio-Lum insert illustration]
Filament ToC
[Bio-Lum ToC]
She got off the bus at the peninsula
Labyrinth cat
Short vignettes
[--Short Vignettes intro illustration]
[--Children Intro Illustration]
[--Children Outro Illustration]
[--Night Intro Illustration]
[--Night Outro Illustration]
[--Summer Intro illustration]
[--Summer Outro Illustration]
[--Fairy Tales Intro Illustration]
-Fairy Tales
[--Fairy Tales Outro Illustration]
[grass cricket]
House of fossils
Crown of snow
[BioLum Fossil comment page]
[Mar-man comment page]
Mushishi Azure
Mushishi Banquet
[Mushishi comment page]
[BioLum Vignettes comments]
[Filament Vignette comments]
[Bio-Lum volume comments]
[Bio-Lum afterword]