Crest of the Stars c01

Chapter 1, 60 pages, by Yonemura Kouichirou. Just a quick typesetting job on some Flash rips.

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Atagoul Tamatebako c001 [teaser]

Just trying to bring attention to this series. Studio Ghibli wanted to make a movie out of this in their early days, according to this article. This is actually second in the "Atagoul" series, the first of which is Atagoul Monogatari. Raws are readily available.

If you enjoy short chapters about the daily life of cats living in a surreal wonderland, here you go.

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Seigi Keikan Monju c01 (teaser chapter)

Not picking this up, just getting it out there in hopes that someone else does.

Robocop, if it was a buddy cop flick set in rural Japan. Basically a lighter SoL GitS starring a shy and childish killing machine, tryhard virgin cop, and Former Internet Idol Hitoha doing cop things in rural Japan.

Monju, the last representative of the Japanese police force, can not believe his circuits! He has been assigned to a police station in a rural area. Aside of being forced to team up with Junpei Yamagashi, a young police officer obsessed with women and whether or not he's balding, he also needs to defend himself against hostility towards him. When a perverted voyeur gets reported the robot places his suspicions immediately on his partner. But Junpei won't stand for the accusations and is determined to restore his honor!

From MangaHelpers:

Monju was a prototype of a line of anti-crime police robots, and he was an elite, celebrated member of the force. Now, to his dismay, he's been re-assigned out in the country, working alongside Yamagashi Junpei, a young cop who is mostly concerned with his possibly thinning hair and sexy women. Monju's combat capabilities seem unnecessary for a small town with its small crimes, and the people don't initially welcome him. Monju will have to find his place in this new situation, and win over the people around him with his skill for protecting the innocent. The first major case he must solve is catching an underwear thief, who Monju suspects might actually be the perverted Junpei. Will the two of them be able to catch the thief and clear Junpei's name? [tethysdust]

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CDJapan (easiest for English audiences to buy from, in my experience)
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Nichibros Anthology, Ch. 1

You can consider this another speed scanlation. If anyone wants to pick it up, go for it.

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Otome Sensou Ch. 1 [teaser]

Not picking this up, just getting a chapter out there.

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The story begins in 1420, right as what would be known as the Bohemian War began. A young girl named Sharka is raped and left for dead among the corpses of her whole town, but she manages to survive. She is picked up by the Bohemian forces, who put a gun in her hands and take her on board as a soldier. Will Sharka be able to fight and take her vengeance?

Sumire 17 ch.18 [end]

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It's finally over. Sorry that last chapter took so long.

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Dowman Sayman - [Champion Red Ichigo] Hotspring Secret Illustration

Dowman Sayman did an illustration for their recent booklet, "Secret Illustrations." The theme was "hotspring," and Dowman was the only work-safe illustration in the entire booklet. Go figure.

Download. Convert to whatever format and resolution that you want, and enjoy. 600 DPI, no filters or editing (there will be a moire pattern, probably, until you downscale it).

Browse his other art (and more) here!

I'll probably scan the rest of the booklet, since there are some nice illustrations in there.

Gura Zeni ch. 1, Shimoneta ch. 1

Note: these are just speed-scanlations, made for the purposes of generating interest. We haven't picked these up, and encourage any scanlation group that's interested to pick them up. If you like these, go bug your favorite scanlator groups.

Shimoneta toiu Gainen ga Sonzaishinai Taikutsu na Sekai


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