SCATTER (Arai Hideki) v01

From the author of ``The World is Mine''.

A young, unemployed, seemingly unmotivated young man is moving through his life. As a teenager, he and some of his friends formed a "Boyz 4 Men" club, which was based on a hatred of sex and women. As arguably the most opinionated member, his view of sexuality as an adult is far from normal. After a highly sexual encounter in a park at night, he has decided to attempt to draw perverted fetish manga. This brings him once again to the presence of a woman from the park, Sawada Kazumi. She's a manga editor and single mother with a perverted and intense personality of her own. What will happen when their worlds collide?

This needs a typesetter/translator to continue.

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[Raws] Shirato Sanpei's Kamui Den artbook.

Contains most, but not all, of the paintings that adorned the covers of the early Garo issues.

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