Project Status

Updated 04/13/2017


Scanlations that are in progress (or waiting on new chapter), to the best of my knowledge.

Black Jack's Sealed/Rare Chapters - Awaiting editing, translation (? Might need staff, GoldenRoze might be working on it)

BLAME! HQ Rescanlation - Awating editing

Gakkou KaidanAwaiting editing

Golgo 13 - Awaiting editing, translation. This one will be slow. Joint with Dumbnut. 600dpi Tank scans available for any other groups that want to work on other chapters.

Hyaku Monogatari - Awaiting editing, could use an additional editor

Joshi Kouhei - Awaiting editing, translation

Keyman - Awaiting translation, editing

Mikako-san - awaiting translation, editing

Nacun - Awaiting editing

Nekojiru Udon - Awaiting editing, translation, could use an extra editor

Neko Musume - Awaiting editing, could use an additional editor

Outer Zone - Awaiting editing, translation

Outlaw Star - Awaiting editing

Ozanari Dungeon - Awaiting translation, editing

Sketchbook - Progress is slow, but it's still being worked on.

Vanilla Spider - A few chapters from volume 1 pending TL check and editing. The translator who signed up disappeared after a few chapters, so this will need a translator volume 2 onward.

Shin Megami Tensei IV - Demonic Gene - awaiting editing, translation

Shin Chimoguri Ringo -- Awaiting new chapter

Shinkaigyo no Anko-san - Awaiting editing and translations. I haven't heard from them in a while, might be dead (might also get picked up by someone else)

Shinryaku Ika MusumeAwaiting translation, editing


Projects that either need one or more staff members, or can be picked up by someone else.

100 - Handred - Needs an editor

Akai Hato - Needs an editor, additional translator

Area 51 - MOY-Moe had to resign due to work. Needs staff, or can be picked up by someone else. 600dpi scans. Picked up by Twisted Hel

Crest of the Stars (YONEMURA Kouichirou) - Needs an editor, probably a translator  Picked up by Nayuki Love

Dorohedoro - Pending editing, scans

Do You Like Big Girls - Haven't seen the TL or the raws in a while, dead for now. Once a new volume's out, it'll just need a translator

Dungeon Meshi - Picked up by EHS

Fuuko no Iru Mise - Awaiting editing, translation (?)

Fujicue!!! - Fujicue's Music - Dead, needs staff

GON HQ Rescanlation - I don't know if the editor's still working on this, so this might need an editor

Haruko Ichikawa anthology - Needs a translator Have to scan the anthologies, being picked up by LSD

Helvetica Standard - Needs a translator, might've been picked up by another group

Hoshi ga Hara Aa Manjuu no Mori - Haven't heard from the editor/TL in a while, think someone else wants to pick it up

Jaria -  TL is focusing on finishing another series for now

Kanata e -Dr. Kant and the Creation of the Universe- - TL is focusing on finishing another series for now

Kuusou Kagaku Edison - Translator shelved it for now due to workload

Koalove - Waiting on new chapter

Kokkoku - Needs a typesetter/redrawer, completely translated

Nichijou - Translator disappeared just before the finish line. Vertical's v10 will probably be out soon anyway if a new TL doesn't show up.

Nobunaga Concerto - Communication with TL is spotty, needs an additional translator Picked up by another group

Houseki no KuniNeeds a translator. Current scanlation is from JP - Russian -> English, if I recall.

Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi - The sole editor for this is working on another project, so this could use an additional editor.

Jabberwocky - Volumes 5-7 need a translator.

Joou-sama no EshiPicked up by Doranku Neko Scans

Nejishiki - Awaiting editing / translation

Noboru Kotera-san - Haven't heard from the guy since September, don't know if he's still working on this

Omoni Naitemasu - Awaiting translation, editing. TL has all but dropped it at this point due to other projects taking priority.

Paraiso - Needs staff or can be picked up by someone else.

Patlabor HQ Rescanlation - Awaiting scans, editing; needs a translator

Princess Static Noise - Translator's busy with real life (job), I'll see if we can manage to get another chapter out

Pupipo!Needs staff, or can be picked up by anyone else

Ryuuma no GagouNeeds an editor, JP translator for later chapters

Tonari no Onna - This might've just been a one-off chapter, so this needs a TL/editor

Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni - Needs an editor, translator

Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! - Needs an editor, picked up by someone else?

Wet Moon - Awaiting editing

YKK HQ Rescanlation - Chapter 1 awaiting editing, TL-check

Yu-Gi-Oh! HQ Rescanlation - Editor stopped responding, tank scans if you want them

Teaser Chapters

One-time, or otherwise limited, scanlations intended to entice other groups, or additional translators/editors, into picking the project up. Unless otherwise stated, all projects listed below need a translator and an editor, or can be picked up by anyone else.

Deathco - Picked up by M3OW, then it died again (think he needs staff)

Hebi Onna Hajimemashita - completed by crywanking

Kono Sekai no Katasumini

Koukou Kyuuji Zawa-san (picked back up by Nojay)

Kutsuzure Sensen

Meitantei Marnie - Awaiting translation, editing, tank scans

Neo Parasyte

Otome Sensou 

Paper Theatre


  1. Hey guys, I need to ask u something. Can I get access on Houseki no Kuni raws? I hope I can convince some scanlators to scanlate that beautiful series...
    Thanks for the hardwork on Houseki no Kuni

    1. That would be wonderful if you could get someone to pick it up. Every few days or so I end up thinking about Houseki no Kuni and wondering if there are new chapters up. It's such a beautiful and unique series and I hope it gets scanlated again. Thanks a bunch Habanero scans for the hard work so far!

    2. I'd like HnK to have a translator again, as well. As for raws, they can be provided. I have to extract them from the magazine digital rips, so it would be better if you emailed me, so that I don't forget about it. If you happen to find a translator, let me know, as there's already an editor who wants to work on this. I myself will try to find a translator again.

    3. Haha... I can get what mr/miss apple want to say. Hovering the hanabero site just to see how's the HnK project status...
      Anyway, I've sent u the email... I hope this will work out somehow... good luck guys

    4. lol here I am again! Thanks for your efforts rennov, I hope it all works out

    5. any news on this ?
      Im an interested translator as well

    6. Ah sorry for the late replies about the development, I have asked my friend who is fluent enough in Japanese, n he's interested to translate the series (he considers this as a practice). Unfortunately, he's still busy n refuse to be dragged by some scanlation schedule. So... maybe all I can do is wait or search for another person... My apology for u all... :'(

      P.S. n the other scanlation team's translator seems already busy with their own project... so they request translator too to continue this series

    7. I'm guessing by no more updates that HoK has yet to receive a translator and I'm wondering if you could look again. Re-found this manga and hope you can continue it. One of the best I have read.

    8. I hope a translator is found soon, I can't figure what's going on with the Russian translations.

  2. Thanks a lot for picking up all the older series guys. Greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for translating 'Fuuko no Iru Mise', love it!
    I really thought that manga was doomed, so thank you for that.

  4. Hello there, i really want to be editor for love lab, but i can't do it, if you teach me, maybe i can help :D

  5. Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! <----- Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! Vol1

  6. Dear Rebellion Scans, my name is Aoy and i'm from Best Friends Forever group ( my group is for sharing and translating (mostly) manga + anime into vietnamese for free to fans. We have known you with the work on "Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Anthology" . today I write this letter to ask permission for re-translate that project into vietnamese for fans who cannot read in English. Of course, we would include all your credits and links to your website. We only get vietnamese credits. If thats ok, it would be such a big help for us. If no, thats sad but i could understand the reasons. We would like to know the answer ASAP so we can get the work on this project going. Please give us your answer ASAP.

  7. Any news on Nichijou? Is volume 10 out in Japan?

  8. So it seems like Doranku Neko Scans has gone defunct. Are you guys planning to pick Joou-Sama no Eshi back up?

  9. Excuse me, but, do you have the RAWs for Kaneko-sensei's Deathco?
    I could translate it futurely (as soon as I have time, I mean).

    Anyone picking Otome Sensou up would, just like anyone translating Kaneko's works, be translating some good chunk of nice content for the western community, so, I wish all the translators good luck.

    My email for serious stuff (and some not so serious ones):

  10. Thank you for translating Takeo-Chan. Always looking forward to your releases🌈🌈

  11. Thank you for translating Takeo-Chan. Always looking forward to your releases🌈🌈

  12. Vertical is shit, I need the scanlated version of Nichijou. Everyone needs it in fact.

  13. How many of your translated chapters are Ryuuma no Gagou?
    (ex 1-10)

  14. Any chance of Handred getting its final chapter translated?

  15. Do you still plan to continue handred? It has been almost 2 years without updates.

  16. Ashita wa Doyoubi? does not appear in the list

  17. What about Ashita wa Doyoubi?

  18. Do You Like Big Girls? v4:
    There're still 2.5 chapters to go to wrap up the volume...

  19. Hi, would you continue to translate CITY by the arawi Keiichi