Saturday, October 31, 2015

Editors Needed -- Don't Meddle in my Daughter, Do You Like Big Girls

The editor for both of these is busy with school, and won't be able to continue with anything for a while. Email me if you'd like to help.

Hyaku Monogatari c001-003 [Sugiura Hinako]


99 traditional ghost stories, by the late Garo author, Sugiura Hinako.

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You can read a review here.

TL: Molokidan
Editing: Iru / vhrix

On the subject of holiday releases, there's a Christmas chapter of Golgo 13 that crosses over with his other series, Doll -- The Hotel Detective.

Halloween Night [Takabatake Enaga oneshot]

Happy Halloween.


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TL: Royal
Editing: Water

Enaga has some more web oneshots published here.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Monthly Garo 1966-08 - 5-Yen Coin [Mizuki Shigeru]

A short Garo chapter by Mizuki Shigeru, featuring other Garo authors. Joint with Golden Roze.

A certain someone/group might have plans to work on Kamui Den, so I might start scanning that in the near future.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Urasawa Naoki no Manben - Kawaguchi Kaiji & Yamashita Kazumi

Torrent 480
Torrent 720

Good episode.

Kawaguchi Kaiji (Zipang)
Yamashita Kazumi (Tensai Yanagisawa Kyōju no Seikatsu)

480p Youtube for now, working on 720's hardsubs. We weren't able to secure a .ts cap of this pilot episode when it aired, so we went with a public rip on Nyaa. If it re-airs next year for season 2, we'll see about releasing it using that source.

For the 720 + subs, force AR to 16:9 and use MPC.

Takao Saito's episode is next.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ika Musume c319-323 (+v017 batch)

Onward towards v18. Translator situation seems to be resolved, so things should go smoothly now.

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Download (uploading)
Torrent (batch)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nichijou 2015-03

Damn shiritori.

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2015-08 should've included the Nichijou Shonen Ace cover, but I forgot to scan it. So, I'll include it with the next chapter, if it's cleaned.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

138゜E - Underground Underground [Hayashida Q]

The chapter that was included in Range Murata's artbook, 138E. It's a pretty nice artbook, I recommend it for any buyfags (has giant loli posters drawn by Range and co.).

It came with a DVD as well, which contained a short animation to accompany the chapter. The ISO is up, if anyone wants to produce a superior encode (anti-aliasing, etc.). Otherwise, you can watch it on Youtube.

Also, Hayashida published a oneshot exclusive to a limited-edition figurine of Kaiman. We'd like to get that, but it's also fairly expensive ($250 or so). So, we're open to donations for this instance. I have no use for figures, so if we're able to get this, I'll leave the figure untouched and resell it at a discounted price. The proceeds will go towards either buying more Hayashida Q stuff, or to refund any donations that were received to those that want one. 

If you're interested in interviews, there's one translated on Mangabrog's site (and other interesting interviews).

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Torrent (DVD ISO) (accidentally uploaded it to literature, oops)

Uraswa Naoki no Manben - Higashimura Akiko English Subs [update]

Edit: Now on Youtube. 720, hardsubs, because .ass isn't accepted and .srt formatting might get broken.

480, 720 re-encodes, with fixed subs (translation corrections, timing, encoding).

I can't seed at the moment, so use this DDL.!VsJ1WK5B!5v6y56_0l_avf55tF9vJFg

Someone translated Higashimura Akiko's episode, so here it is. It looks like these are timed to the 1080 ts.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nichijou 2014-12 - 2015-02, 2015-05 [v2], 2015-07, 2015-08

Another Nichijou batch. 2015-03's in the pipeline, and then whatever gets translated next.

I don't know what's up with Helvetica Standard. Maybe I need a new editor for that. I think a small batch is ready for QC, so I'll go check on that.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scary Manju of the Dead [Dowman Sayman]

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Torrent [v2, typo]

TL: Seiai Scans
Editing: Water

Note: This story is a Dowman take on a famous rakugo story. You can watch it here.

Dowman's most recent oneshot, from a Comic Birz magazine issue that printed a couple months ago. A couple more are translated, so those will be released whenever the editing's complete.

Seiai Scans worked on a few Dowman things as well, including the Hana & Alice manga adaptation (of the animated movie that came out not too long ago, which is subbed -- 1080, 720). It looks like the original Hana & Alice movie will also be subbed, so you should wait on that before watching the animated movie.

Friday, October 9, 2015

[RetroBeat] Fansubs for Old Anime

Don't mind me, just advertising unrelated things that are of interest to me.

RetroBeat's subbing a couple shows -- The Adventures of Ganba, and Wonder Beat Scramble.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhinshuu c002

The author of Houseki no Kuni published a couple of anthologies, of which I've scanned/will scan/need to rescan. One chapter was randomly translated, so here it is.

We don't have a translator for this. So, if you're interested in working on this, let me know. Otherwise, here are the scans for reading/browsing/picking it up yourself (note: I need to rescan the 600dpi files, as they were with my previous, inferior Epson scanner).

TL: Anon (I can't remember, same TL that used to work on Houseki no Kuni) / laika
Editing: Iru

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Apparently, this is further reading for this chapter. So, read this after you read it once yourself.

[Editor needed] Akatokisei Residence c03-05


On one side, we have a guy living a boring and meaningless life meets Touko, a pretty girl, and it turns his life around. They get married, but three months later she tells him she is an alien from a far away planet, and that she must return to her home planet in a few days. Is she making excuses? Is she really an alien? Will he let their marriage end so easily?
On the other side we have Honda Haruno, a girl which has absolutely no other recollection other than being "sent" by her superiors to gather information about humanity; as a secret agent she needs to do her best as to learn as much as she can about society without giving away her true nature.... However on her first day of school she meets this boy "Isuzu", who has extensive information about UFOs, invaders from other space & related topics... Haruna not only is surprised to see that her cover has been blown out right from the start, but also she must know how this Isuzu fellow knew about her.
Even though they don't realize it; Haruna and Touko are actually neighbors in the Akatoki Hoshi Residence... but, is this all? Well, you have no way to know exactly how mysterious is the people of the Akatoki Hoshi Residence until you step forward and read it out.

I have this completely scanned, and translated. I need an editor for the last few chapters. 600dpi scans. If you'd like to help, email me.

Anko-san c011-012


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Additional editor needed] Nekojiru Udon

Volume 2 is completely translated. An additional editor is needed to split the work, so that the sole editor for this series doesn't kill himself over it.

If you'd like to help produce some more Nekojiru Udon, please email me.

[Editor wanted] Akai Hato - Abiru [Koike Kazuo \ Ikegami Ryoichi]

Someone offered to translate this series, so now I will try to find an editor. Looks to be a series about the shinsengumi (or something, I haven't looked at it that much), by dynamic duo Koike Kazuo (writing) and Ikegami Ryoichi (art). The public raws aren't too great, so I'd be willing to scan the tanks.

If you'd like to help edit, email me. An additional translator would be useful, as well (for TL-checks).

DDL (v1)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Daughter c03 [v2]

Page accidentally got left out. It's in the folder, if you don't want to download it all over again.

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