Halloween Night [Takabatake Enaga oneshot]

Happy Halloween.


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TL: Royal
Editing: Water

Enaga has some more web oneshots published here.


Monthly Garo 1966-08 - 5-Yen Coin [Mizuki Shigeru]

A short Garo chapter by Mizuki Shigeru, featuring other Garo authors. Joint with Golden Roze.

A certain someone/group might have plans to work on Kamui Den, so I might start scanning that in the near future.

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138゜E - Underground Underground [Hayashida Q]

The chapter that was included in Range Murata's artbook, 138E. It's a pretty nice artbook, I recommend it for any buyfags (has giant loli posters drawn by Range and co.).

It came with a DVD as well, which contained a short animation to accompany the chapter. The ISO is up, if anyone wants to produce a superior encode (anti-aliasing, etc.). Otherwise, you can watch it on Youtube.

Also, Hayashida published a oneshot exclusive to a limited-edition figurine of Kaiman. We'd like to get that, but it's also fairly expensive ($250 or so). So, we're open to donations for this instance. I have no use for figures, so if we're able to get this, I'll leave the figure untouched and resell it at a discounted price. The proceeds will go towards either buying more Hayashida Q stuff, or to refund any donations that were received to those that want one. 

If you're interested in interviews, there's one translated on Mangabrog's site (and other interesting interviews).

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[RetroBeat] Fansubs for Old Anime

Don't mind me, just advertising unrelated things that are of interest to me.

RetroBeat's subbing a couple shows -- The Adventures of Ganba, and Wonder Beat Scramble.

Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhinshuu c002

TL: Anon (I can't remember, same TL that used to work on Houseki no Kuni) / laika
Editing: Iru

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Apparently, this is further reading for this chapter. So, read this after you read it once yourself.

[Editor wanted] Akai Hato - Abiru [Koike Kazuo \ Ikegami Ryoichi]

Someone offered to translate this series, so now I will try to find an editor. Looks to be a series about the shinsengumi (or something, I haven't looked at it that much), by dynamic duo Koike Kazuo (writing) and Ikegami Ryoichi (art). The public raws aren't too great, so I'd be willing to scan the tanks.

If you'd like to help edit, email me. An additional translator would be useful, as well (for TL-checks).

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