SCATTER (Arai Hideki) v01

From the author of ``The World is Mine''.

A young, unemployed, seemingly unmotivated young man is moving through his life. As a teenager, he and some of his friends formed a "Boyz 4 Men" club, which was based on a hatred of sex and women. As arguably the most opinionated member, his view of sexuality as an adult is far from normal. After a highly sexual encounter in a park at night, he has decided to attempt to draw perverted fetish manga. This brings him once again to the presence of a woman from the park, Sawada Kazumi. She's a manga editor and single mother with a perverted and intense personality of her own. What will happen when their worlds collide?

This needs a typesetter/translator to continue.

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[Raws] Shirato Sanpei's Kamui Den artbook.

Contains most, but not all, of the paintings that adorned the covers of the early Garo issues.

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[Franco-Belgian scanlation] Le Monde de Milo T01

And now for something different.

Edit: You can now officially get this series in English.

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Publisher's page
This series also has some Kindle ebooks.

TL: Lyendith
TS: Bash

Nejishiki c006 - The Dog of the Mountain Pass [Tsuge Yoshiharu]

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Just this spontaneous chapter, unless a TL/editor wants to help out with the rest.

TL: Anon/laika
Editing: Anon/laika

Hayashida Q - Last Days of Ant-Man Varian Cover Scan

Some manga artists contributed to Marvel's variant covers, so I scanned Hayashida's.


(Garo 1982-07-01) Exquisite Corpse (oneshot) [Part 1] [Ebisu Yoshikazu]

The beginning of the first Garo issue that I bought. The copy that arrived was beat to hell, and the color pages were pretty aged. The cover may or may not be cleaned up and v2'd. If someone wants to try their hand at restoring it, here's the scan.

Here are Ebisu Yoshikazu's anthologies (ebook rips).

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Waratte Goran (Man Gatarou) [End]

An odd collection of his Monthly Jump illustrations.

Gatarou also published some sort of Jimi Hendrix manga (or about a musician who likes Hendrix, haven't look at it in months). I'm supposed to scan it, so I'll do that whenever I get to it in my vast scanning backlog.

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Monthly Garo 1982-07 -- Puppeteer [Murata Eeji]

Another pseudonym.

Might have a Sasaki Maki chapter for you tomorrow, complete with an unofficial ad to buy the English anthology print that you didn't know was coming out in December.

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TL: Good ol' laika
Editing: laika/carks

Monthly Garo 1967-11 - Never-Ending Afternoon [Watari 24]

Short sci-fi story. Since Watari 24's a pen name, we can't find any information on the author. A story of his got reprinted in an anthology recently, though.

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TL: MartinG/laika
Editing: carks/laika

Halloween Night [Takabatake Enaga oneshot]

Happy Halloween.


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TL: Royal
Editing: Water

Enaga has some more web oneshots published here.

Monthly Garo 1966-08 - 5-Yen Coin [Mizuki Shigeru]

A short Garo chapter by Mizuki Shigeru, featuring other Garo authors. Joint with Golden Roze.

A certain someone/group might have plans to work on Kamui Den, so I might start scanning that in the near future.

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138゜E - Underground Underground [Hayashida Q]

The chapter that was included in Range Murata's artbook, 138E. It's a pretty nice artbook, I recommend it for any buyfags (has giant loli posters drawn by Range and co.).

It came with a DVD as well, which contained a short animation to accompany the chapter. The ISO is up, if anyone wants to produce a superior encode (anti-aliasing, etc.). Otherwise, you can watch it on Youtube.

Also, Hayashida published a oneshot exclusive to a limited-edition figurine of Kaiman. We'd like to get that, but it's also fairly expensive ($250 or so). So, we're open to donations for this instance. I have no use for figures, so if we're able to get this, I'll leave the figure untouched and resell it at a discounted price. The proceeds will go towards either buying more Hayashida Q stuff, or to refund any donations that were received to those that want one. 

If you're interested in interviews, there's one translated on Mangabrog's site (and other interesting interviews).

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[RetroBeat] Fansubs for Old Anime

Don't mind me, just advertising unrelated things that are of interest to me.

RetroBeat's subbing a couple shows -- The Adventures of Ganba, and Wonder Beat Scramble.

Ichikawa Haruko Sakuhinshuu c002

TL: Anon (I can't remember, same TL that used to work on Houseki no Kuni) / laika
Editing: Iru

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Apparently, this is further reading for this chapter. So, read this after you read it once yourself.

[Editor wanted] Akai Hato - Abiru [Koike Kazuo \ Ikegami Ryoichi]

Someone offered to translate this series, so now I will try to find an editor. Looks to be a series about the shinsengumi (or something, I haven't looked at it that much), by dynamic duo Koike Kazuo (writing) and Ikegami Ryoichi (art). The public raws aren't too great, so I'd be willing to scan the tanks.

If you'd like to help edit, email me. An additional translator would be useful, as well (for TL-checks).

DDL (v1)

Houseki no Kuni c027

Volume 5 should be coming out soon. If you'd like to buy it, here is a good store.

Meitantei Marnie c03 [v2] [Teaser chapters]

More teaser chapters. Some cool group out there should pick this up.

Alternatively, someone can volunteer to translate.

By the author of Franken Fran.

"Where there are people, there is drama and troubles to be solved. Marnie's father works as a detective to solve problems created between people, whether they are marriage issues or murder cases. Just like her father, Marnie also solves cases as long as the price is right. She usually lives as a normal student, sleeping through her classes, but once a client asks for her help, she will stop at nothing to solve the mystery laid before her."

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c02-03 courtesy of water/laika and NNNNN.
c01 Courtesy of MOY-Moe and NNNNN.

Noboru Kotera-san c003

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Teaser chapter - Moukin-chan c001

Had a script lying around from however long ago, and then someone volunteered to edit it, so here it is.

Public raws don't look that great, so I can probably scan this if someone picks it up.

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Dowman Sayman - Valkyrie of Sidonia (doujinshi)

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Poster Scan - Beageruta

(Garo 1982-07-07) The Everyday Routine Son (oneshot) [Nishimura Tomoko]

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As always, Garo / AX need more staff. You can browse the raws here.

TL: SevenFacedBird
Editing: LAD/laika



Kodomo no Asobi c006 [Nishioka Kyoudai]

Random Nishioka chapter that came with a volume of AX that I scanned.

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TL: Megchan
Editing: Laika/ Hotcakes

Area 51 c01 [v2] + c02

Editing / TL: MOY-Moe

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Garo 1982-07-05 -- Three Months Since You Called Me Mama [Nemoto Takashi]

A short parody of Kyojin no Hoshi. The chapter title is a reference to a song. You can listen to a mediocre Nicovideo rip here (starts around 23:50).

ママと呼ばれて三ヶ月 / 松井久とシルバー・スターズ

ママと呼ばれて三ヶ月 / 根本敬

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Garo 1982-07-12 -- A Normal Night [Izumi Masayuki]

A day in the life of Ultraman.

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Fantasy Science Edison c005

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TL: Royal
Editing: Iru

Garo 1966-06-07 -- Song of Youth Series [Tanaka Ken] // Harta 2014-11 -- Memoirs of a Dancer [Wada Takashi] (Golden Roze Scans)

Golden Roze released these, so here they are.

Song of Youth:


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Could use an extra typesetter or two for Garo.

GON c01

Needs an editor.

Here's a chapter of that lovable dinosaur bully. The current scans are watermarked, flipped garbage, so an editor and I decided to work on replacing those scans. Additional editing by laika.

A few pages of the first chapter were watercolored for the tank print. My favorite chapters are later in the series, so I look forward to seeing those in higher quality.

resumed serialization. However, that announcement was years ago, and I haven't seen any information on a new volume. There's a low-quality scan of one of the more recent chapters (2013-11) floating around, but that might've just been a promotional chapter for the show (logo is the same as the show). Maybe the news mistook this chapter and the GON Selection volume as a new serialization. In 2006-2007, a spin-off was serialized in Comic BonBon called "Gon-chan", so I might buy those issues someday and scan them (along with Afternoon 2013-11). I have no idea what Tanaka Masashi is up to these days.

This series was also licensed in English twice.

Garo 1982-07 -- Kappa Love Story [Momotarou Kotarou]

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Cleans: laika
TL: laika
TS: Tim / Lan-Anh Dang

河童の恋 / 桃太郎 滸太郎

Nishioka Kyoudai -- Me-Bug (Garo 1991-11; c2 of anthology) & Wolf Girl Laura (Garo 1992-01; never republished (?))

It looks like we'll be working on Nishioka's stuff on a regular basis, courtesy of HotCakes, MegChan, & etc.

Wolf Girl Laura:
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This is part of an anthology, so I'm putting it in its own folder (we'll probably work on the anthology in the near future, anyway).

Jacaranda [complete]


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A while ago, the TL for this asked me to scan this volume, since the Spanish scans weren't that great. And now, with the help of all those conveniently listed on the credit page, you can read it (1 volume). This is a joint with HotCakes Scanlations.

The shoot of an exotic tree appears in a Tokyo street. The popular affection turns into astonishment, then horror as the Jacaranda grows to colossal proportions, burning the capital to ashes in the course of a dantean night. Though, as the sun rises survivors discover that it hasn't been a night of annihilation, but of rebirth.

By Shiriagari Kotobuki, award-nominated, whose work has grown on me. I'll be scanning Don Quixote for Hox. His other well-known work, Yajikita in Deep, may hopefully be worked on someday. I ripped the ebook for v1, so you can download that here. It was adapted into a film (which included a cameo by Umezu Kazuo).

SOIL (2010)

In unrelated news, here is the 2010 adaptation of SOIL. I found the VIDEO_TS files on another private tracker, and I didn't see any downloads for the episodes, so I ran it through a simple Handbrake setup.

8 episodes, 480p.

Garo 1982-07 - Lighter (Ozawa Toshiaki)

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Some more Garo. A couple Nishioka Kyoudai stories should be released soon.

TL: SevenFacedBird
Editing: Laika/Water

ライター / 尾沢敏明

Recruiting editors and translators. At least some experience is preferred. I'll organize the downscaled JPEG Garo scans and post them, so that any prospective help can see if they'd like to work on anything.

Nekojiru Udon v01

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Nekojiru Diary translations

Nekojiru Udon OVA  (Youtube link for OVA)
(director commentary)
(director interview with Satou Tatsuo)

Nekojiru Gekijou Jirujiru (Youtube link)

Yoshiaki Yoshinaga on Nekojiru translation part 1, part 2

The reprint left out some material from the original print for whatever reason, so those have been included (an essay by Kurosawa Sou, and an omake by Nemoto Takashi)

Nekojiru was a mangaka who committed suicide in 1998. Her work is disconcerting due to the juxtaposition of a very kawaii visual style (as would befit stories depicting two anthropomorphic kitten siblings) with extremely cruel moments (pig characters are consistently mocked, assaulted, abused and killed). Violence, when it comes to happen, is very graphic and unforgiving. The overall feel is of cuteness, zaniness and nonsensu, but there’s an unshakable undercurrent of dread throughout the stories. The series ねこぢるうどん (Nekojiru Udon), which is now considered to be her finest work, first debuted in 1990. The manga was made into a TV series, and then in 2001 “Cat Soup”, a 35 minutes movie, came along.

After her suicide, her husband Yamano Hajime took over her work, and started making manga under the pen-name Nekojiru-y. Incidentally, popularity of her work exploded after her publicized death. Nekojiru’s works were collected into two large tomes, and several other books about her and her work were published.

TL: tetsu
Editing/QC: laika/waterbased

Monthly Garo -- Picky (1982-07) by Morishita Hiromi / The Park at Night (1982-08) by Eguchi Mitsumasa

A couple of oneshots from Monthly Garo, which I'll be scanning as much of as I can. If you'd like to help with either translations or editing (or to donate money, if you're so inclined, because this will be expensive), please email me. 6 issues are scanned (many more in the mail), some of which are already translated/cleaned. They mostly consists of oneshots by both obscure and recognized authors alike, with some serializations. I might post the jpg scans once I organize them. Some Nishioka Bro-Sis chapters from Garo are probably up next.

You can read more about Garo on TSOJ's site (titles index, partial list of Garo artists), and also download some of his own Garo scans that he reviewed.

General Garo release folder
Scanlation progress
Releases & Author Links

The Park at Night:

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Credits: Laika, Tim

Garo progress spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet for Garo, if you're wondering how it's coming along. I'll embed it somewhere proper whenever I feel like it.

Kaidan is Dead c001 [teaser]

It's tough being a ghost in the modern era. A group known as "The Seven Wonders" are distressed by the lack of children taking tests of courage to the school that they haunt. Without children who believe in them and perpetuate ghost stories, they will eventually cease to exist! Can they figure out how to instill fear in children, or is the modern world already scary enough?

I'm scanning Garo, and need staff.

Garo was an alternative manga magazine that ran for about 450 issues. Expect a wide variety of contributions from popular artists, and artists that have since left their 15 minutes in the limelight, under every genre known to man.

I'm not going to write an essay on it a la Hox, etc., so just browse TSOJ or the hefty amount of Tumblr posts.

These issues will primarily be one-shots, so if you're interested in translating/editing random chapters that might interest you, email me and I'll send you whatever I have at the moment.

Heroes (Asano Inio)

A full-color oneshot that appeared in the first issue of Hibana. Courtesy of Illuminati Manga.

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