Garo progress spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet for Garo, if you're wondering how it's coming along. I'll embed it somewhere proper whenever I feel like it.

Kaidan is Dead c001 [teaser]

It's tough being a ghost in the modern era. A group known as "The Seven Wonders" are distressed by the lack of children taking tests of courage to the school that they haunt. Without children who believe in them and perpetuate ghost stories, they will eventually cease to exist! Can they figure out how to instill fear in children, or is the modern world already scary enough?

I'm scanning Garo, and need staff.

Garo was an alternative manga magazine that ran for about 450 issues. Expect a wide variety of contributions from popular artists, and artists that have since left their 15 minutes in the limelight, under every genre known to man.

I'm not going to write an essay on it a la Hox, etc., so just browse TSOJ or the hefty amount of Tumblr posts.

These issues will primarily be one-shots, so if you're interested in translating/editing random chapters that might interest you, email me and I'll send you whatever I have at the moment.

Heroes (Asano Inio)

A full-color oneshot that appeared in the first issue of Hibana. Courtesy of Illuminati Manga.

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Hoshigahara Ao Manjuu no Mori c001-002

By Iwaoka Hisae (Saturn Apartments)

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Black Bear Killer - Hisa Masato

Hisa Masato's debut oneshot, about a bear that works for the Yakuza.

More to come, probably, Hisa Masato's been getting his short stories [re]published

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Courtesy of MOY-Moe.