Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gura Zeni ch. 1, Shimoneta ch. 1

Note: these are just speed-scanlations, made for the purposes of generating interest. We haven't picked these up, and encourage any scanlation group that's interested to pick them up. If you like these, go bug your favorite scanlator groups.

Shimoneta toiu Gainen ga Sonzaishinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Sixteen years after the laws to ban dirty jokes were enacted, Japan has become a perfectly sound yet boring society.

This is a story of two rebels against the status quo, via obscene acts of terrorism.

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Gura Zeni

Money Is Buried in the Ground!

Natsunosuke Bonda is a relief pitcher in Tokyo Spiders. In his eighth pro season, he makes 18 million yen at age 26. But he is always troubled by how little he makes, given that he is surrounded by high income earning baseball players.

This is a relief pitcher's story in Nippon Pro Baseball, his envies, worries, sweat and tears.
Gura Zeni!

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  1. You're my fave scanlator so I'm going to bug you to continue doing Shimoneta!

  2. ^
    saw that the art is by Yuzuki N Dash
    how can you say no to this
    please continue