Raws -- Monthly Garo & Monthly AX scans

Update: Scanned 1998-08, 1993-05, 1981-07, 1981-04, 1979-10, 1979-06, 1979-04, 1970-01, 1969-10, 1969-07, 1969-05, 1969-04, 1969-03, 1968-05, 1967-02, 1966-04.

Yeah, I'm still scanning Garo. 

There are a few scripts sitting around that could use an editor.


I kept forgetting about this, but here it is. You can't ask for staff if they don't know what they'd be working on, right?

Here are the downscaled JPG folders for the magazines I've scanned thus far. I will update this post as I scan more. The scans might not be cropped, but they should be clear enough to give an idea of the translation/editing effort needed. Refer to the spreadsheet to see what's in each issue (if I updated it).

If you'd like to help with a story or two, then please email me. Some chapters require minimal editing, but the lines may be faded, depending on the age of the issue. The JPG scans are around quality 4 (don't remember), so I have the .tif files for anyone that wants them for editing.

You can preview the chapters here, whenever I get around to making posts. You can read TSOJ's reviews for a few of the issues here.

Note that I'm skipping Kamui Den and Kitaro. Both either have readily available raws, scanlations, or volumes that can be scanned.

Garo 1992-01

Garo 1992-04 (Hisauchi Michio issue)

Garo 1992-06 (Nekojiru special issue)

Garo 1992-07

Garo 1992-08 (Yamada Hanako memorial issue)

Garo 1993-05 (Maruo Suehiro special issue)


  1. Hi if you can please label the zip files with author name for future scans! This is a great project, btw.

    1. Yeah, I'll do that soon.

    2. ありがとうございます、よろしくお願いします!

  2. Excellent work on this my friend. Will you uploading 1992-06 any time soon?

  3. Do you also have the stuff Space Leech scanned? He scans random oneshots, doesn't seem to be much overlap with what you've got.


    1. I have what you have. He hasn't posted any Garo in over a year, but his Tumblr is still active if you want to ask him about it. Thanks for reminding me to upload his scans to the folder, though.