Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sidonia c072

Both of the following will be fairly expensive projects. We're accepting donations, if you want to help with either of these two projects. Every little bit helps.


Sidonia is covered, thanks! Excess will be used towards BLAME or buying v15's tank.

Rifter: $20 (Sidonia)
CM - $40 (Sidonia)
Grochi - $33 (Sidonia)
F - $50 (BLAME!)

Blame HQ Scanlation + B5 Reprint

Blame! is being reprinted. We were originally working on Blame!'s HQ rescanlation with the original print, but we'll instead wait for the new prints. The books will be around $15-20 each.

Sidonia S2 BD1 + Limited Edition Bonus Chapter

We intend to work on this, as well. BDMV can also be provided.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Area 51 c001 - Hisa Masato

Read online

Courtesy of MOY-Moe Scanlations. The next chapter won't be for at least a month, as I have to scan the tank to replace the ebook rips that we currently have. We'll v2 chapter 1 as well.